Motorola NYXboard surfaces from the dead, XBMC reclaims it (update)

Seven months ago, Motorola unveiled a dual-sided, QWERTY-laden TV remote control: the NYXboard. It was never heard from again. Today, we've learned why -- the open-source community will be selling a version specially redesigned to control your XBMC rig. The folks at Pulse-Eight -- a startup with roots in the XBMC community dedicated to designing hardware -- tell us they actually talked Motorola out of bundling the remote with set-top-boxes in favor of a nefarious plan. Simply put, they want you to be able to purchase an IR and RF remote that natively supports XBMC for a penny under $60 this June.

While we don't have any real pictures of the unit quite yet -- just the renders you see above and below -- developers say it will work with installations on Mac, Windows, Linux and the original Apple TV on day one, and will actually turn off the side of the remote that's face down to avoid accidental inputs. You'll find the NYXboard up for pre-order now at our source link, with the first shipments slated for around June 27th. Then again, you might want to wait, as we're told there are more surprises in store: a second version that can control the Apple TV 2, and a secret method which would allow the remotes to control your home entertainment center without pesky line-of-sight infrared. The best laid plans and all that... but it sounds like Logitech's Harmony may finally get some competition.

Update: The situation's a bit tricky, but the XBMC Foundation (a non-profit entity) wants you to know that hardware vendor Pulse-Eight (a for-profit venture) isn't actually part of their group -- Pulse-Eight was founded by an XBMC team member and produces hardware targeted at the XBMC community, but apparently isn't funded by (nor directs funding towards) the XBMC foundation itself.