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Silverlight coming to Xbox, bringing WP7 games along with it?

Silverlight coming to Xbox, bringing WP7 games along with it?
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|April 5, 2011 10:19 AM
Silverlight started as just a humble Flash competitor and now, well, it's all grown up. Almost, anyway. It's a fundamental part of the Windows Phone 7 ecosphere and word on the street is that it's about to become a fundamental part of the Xbox 360 world as well -- or a part, at least. Microsoft's MIX 11 developer event kicks off next week and rumor has it that Microsoft will unload a new tier of Silverlight compatibility enabling apps on the company's console and there's the potential for writing apps that could run both on phones and on the console. That sounds like some utopian dream-world of the future, where wavey-arm Kinect antics replace touchscreen swipes, but the bigger question is does the Xbox 360 really need another app store? Will this co-exist with the XNA-developed titles or supersede them? Is this why Xbox developer boxes just got a lot cheaper? Might we finally get Angry Birds on our HDTVs? Such delicious ponderings.
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