BlackBerry 6 OS (finally) available for Bold 9700 on T-Mobile

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|04.08.11

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BlackBerry 6 OS (finally) available for Bold 9700 on T-Mobile
To all the fine folks carrying T-Mobile's BlackBerry 9700, we commend your patience. As your friends and co-workers enjoyed BlackBerry 6's spoils: keeping up on social feeds, enjoying a deeper and more fluid search, and -- oh yeah, a WebKit browser -- you've begrudgingly contained your jealousy, applying theme after theme in desperate hope to make your phone feel new again. Sure, you knew 6.0 was coming, but after a long, long wait, even the inevitable becomes questionable -- which makes us happy to announce that your BlackBerry 6 OS is now just a download away. So go ahead, cruise over to T-Mobile's website there in the source, and soon enough you'll be cracking jokes with the best of 'em (at the expense of Tour owners, that is.)

[Thanks, Alex]
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