Star Trek series coming to Netflix Watch Instantly in July and October

Just because Netflix has licensed new content we're not always sure when it will be available for Watch Instantly streaming, but reports it has the dates for Star Trek content covered by a recent deal with CBS. TrekMovie has confirmed it will have every episode of all five live action series -- US only, sorry Canada, enjoy that Iron Man 2 -- with the original Star Trek (in HD), Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise (in HD) available July 1st, followed by Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on October 1st. There's still no word on when Family Ties is arriving, but the two year deal (with an option for two more) should give viewers who haven't already shelled out for the boxed sets (we know you got the HD DVDs) a chance to get all the Trek they can bear.