Homebrew dev previews multitasking on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft issues stern warning (video)

Oh, hackers... how we heart thee: following our story on Jaxbot's fascinating instant app resuming mod on Windows Phone 7, the plucky dev has taken tricks a step further -- this time demoing a workaround that struts true multitasking on your handset. Now before you start rushing to the source link, please note we say "demoing" intentionally as no release date has been set, and Jax is only previewing this work-in-progress to solicit user input (and achieve bragging rights, of course). Meanwhile, Microsoft has taken notice of developers' growing tenacity and is pleading for patience on its official blog, warning users to stay clear of these unsanctioned techniques citing unknown consequences. We're inclined to believe they aren't fully bluffing, considering their update track history, and all. Keeping in mind there's nothing to download just yet, check out WP7 tossing around apps in the background after the break, and let Jaxbot know what you think, will ya?