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Leaked BlackBerry PlayBook training manual appears online, Bill Belichick yells 'innocent!'

Twiddling your thumbs in anticipation now that you've placed your PlayBook preorder? Why not put yourself to good use by teaching that dusty cranium how to use it? At first glance, this guide for retail salespeople looks like it could have been thrown together by us, complete with a tour of the ports and a helpful reminder that you can use the touchscreen in both landscape and portrait mode. But it's in the sales simulation section that things really start to get interesting. For all the talk about how the PlayBook is an obvious companion for BlackBerry owners, it's clear RIM got the memo about making it palatable to consumers, too. For instance, the company would rather reps say it "offers stunning multimedia, true multitasking, and access to the whole internet -- no exceptions," than "[It] gives you the business tools you need to transform the way you work." Hit the source link to get acquainted and do pay attention -- like a third-grade spelling lesson or visit to the DMV, it comes with a quiz (or eight).

[Thanks, Velkcro]