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Mythos European open beta starts today

It's been a long road home for Mythos, the free-to-play hack-and-slash MMO from HanbitSoft and Frogster. The game, which enters its European open beta phase today, originally began its life at ill-fated Flagship Studios and was resurrected after the company's dissolution.

After a lengthy development cycle, Mythos has officially thrown open its doors to all registered players (over 100,000 of them to date) in preparation for the game's April 28th launch day. A Frogster press release indicates that additional optimization and localization will continue throughout the open beta, and considerable new content will be introduced as well. The level cap will be raised from 27 to 50, and adventurers will be able to explore the snow-capped Umbral Peaks.

Players can download Mythos for free at the official website or pick up a retail box version at stores or online retailers. The box copy includes several bonus items as well as a two-day head start on the game's official release.