Nokia X7 first hands-on! (updated with video)

The Nokia X7, everybody! Like the E7, this is a 4-inch AMOLED handset with an 8 megapixel EDoF camera, though unlike its more buttoned-down business-oriented sibling, this is an entertainment handset through and through. Check it out in pictures below and we'll bring you more impressions of it and the new Symbian "Anna" UI very shortly. Video forthcoming too!

Update: Video now embedded after the break. We can't yet speak of the improvements Nokia has made on the browser front, but its long overdue inclusion of a virtual portrait QWERTY keyboard is much appreciated, as is the real-time home screen scrolling. It's still not as smooth as you'd see on other devices that have been doing it for a while, but it's preferable to what we had in the older Symbian iteration.

Physically, the X7 is a pleasure to hold and to handle, a hallmark of Nokia construction, but we must once again protest at the so-called nHD resolution of 640 x 360 on this device. It's justified by the need to keep consistency with the company's existing ecosystem, but it's a step behind the cutting edge. At least it's composed of the delectable AMOLED stuff that Nokia's been using lately, and colors and images look positively delicious, if a little pixel-light. Stereo speakers at the bottom and a generally svelte profile make it an appealing little pocket rocket for multimedia, but bear in mind it comes with a 680MHz processor, so it can record and play back 720p video, but may be challenged by more intensive tasks.