Opera 11.10 launched with company's 'most expensive ad ever'

Opera has always been the little browser that could, and the company is now embracing that spirit more than ever with its new ad campaign for the just-released Opera 11.10. To that end, it's launched a new ad campaign that it proudly boasts is its most expensive ever -- a record-setting $8,517.26, including a hefty $1,500 that they splurged on some "trendy Swedish clothes." Of course, the browser itself is the real story here and, while it's an incremental upgrade, it does boast a few fairly big new features, including support for Google's new WebP image format, a "SpeedDial" for your favorite websites, and a turbo mode that promises to compress and load web pages faster when you're on a slow connection. Just how does that work? We'll let Opera's Christen Krogh explain in the no-expenses-spared video after the break.

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Opera spends record budget on campaign

Oslo, Norway - April 12, 2011

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple - Opera today joined the ranks of those web giants as the company unveiled the most expensive ad ever created by the company to promote the launch of the Opera 11.10 browser. Opera spared little expense to showcase a major overhaul of the Opera Turbo feature, the crowning achievement in the new version.

"In order to win, you have to spend," commented Kei Grieg Toyomasu, Director of Marketing, Opera Software. "And, this time, we really did. We're spending a fortune to make Opera, a household name. We see our competitors doing million dollar campaigning on TV and on billboards, and we've been so impressed that we decided to put budget into a little something-something ourselves."

Opera Software is committed to prudent financial governance. Here are a few of the receipts:
Some guys with a video camera $3000
Trendy Swedish clothes $1500
Laptop $850
Rental of Audi RS4 $700
Racetrack, so we can go fast $500
Fake tans $400
Tacos (both crunchy and soft) $385
Emergency medical supplies $315
Beer (consumed after driving) $300
Gasoline $230
Flu shots (not really needed, but we got it approved, so we just went for it) $200
Parking ticket $50
Disco ball $30
Deodorant and cologne (fear leaves a distinct musk) $20
Party hats $15
3 bottles of generic Pepto-Bismol $15
Gum $5
Paperclips $2.26
Total $8,517.26

"We risked a lot to share this campaign with the world," said Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software. "We even got a parking ticket. But it's all so we can play in the big leagues with the other fancy pants of the Web. We posted our video on YouTube, so you know it has to be good."

"This is the Internet. And this is serious business," noted Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer, Opera Software.

By the way, Opera Software also released a new browser today. Download it before the warm glow from our expensive ad fades: You can even read more about the Opera Turbo feature and how it can help make your web connection faster:

Watch the video on YouTube.
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