Caption contest: Nokia stand at MIX 11

We were wandering about here at MIX 11 -- Microsoft's annual web developer event -- when we stumbled upon these lovely people at this tiny Nokia stand peddling several Symbian phones. Judging from the smiles, we're pretty sure they're stoked about the recent Microsoft partnership announcement -- just don't bring up the lack of actual Windows Phone devices.

Thomas: "When you squint, it looks just like Windows Mobile 6."
Sean Hollister: "Ballmer told us developers were important, so we came to see what they looked like."
Myriam: "We don't have any Windows Phone hardware, but we look pretty! Now, about that E7 review..."
Vlad: "And here's our all-new, environmentally friendly roadmap. It's made of 100 percent recycled materials."
Darren: "What, you didn't know? Elop's still on the payroll."
Chris Trout: "Sure we'll pose for a picture, but then you have to tell us where the penny slots are."
Richard Lawler: "Would this be more or less awkward if we were at Google I/O?"
Josh F.: "Please talk to us!"
Terrence: "Wait, you mean this isn't the Vintage Computing Festival?