NewSight Japan uses film, software to give the iPad a 3D display... sort of (video)

Given Apple's track record of adopting newfangled technologies -- you know, like SD slots -- we're going to go ahead and assume Steve Jobs & Co. aren't planning on adding a 3D display to the iPad anytime soon. Now that you've swallowed that distasteful dose of reality, NewSight Japan is inviting you to mod it yourself in a way thankfully doesn't involve performing open-heart surgery on your magical slate. The solution -- whose name we can't decipher on the company's Japanese website -- combines software with a film placed over the display (not to worry, this won't impede mulltitouch gestures). Unfortunately, it doesn't flip 2D images to 3D, so those operating sans a 3D-enabled camera or conversion software are apt to be sorely disappointed. That said, it'd fit right into a utopian universe where 3D movie downloads were the norm.