Tweetbot might replace your iOS Twitter client (video)

We awoke this morning to a deluge of hype surrounding Tweetbot, the version 1.0 Twitter client from Tapbot. So we sucked down some legal stimulant and ponied up the entrance fee to give it a go on an iPhone 4 (the app requires iOS 4.1 or later). Granted, we're still in the honeymoon period but we're definitely impressed. The design elements, animations, and audio tones are slickly implemented and the functionality is rich and intuitive. We're especially smitten by the right and left swiping actions used to reveal conversations and replies, respectively, and the customizable tab bar that gives quick access to lists and retweets. In fact, the list integration is so good as to finally make Twitter lists useful on a smartphone. We also applaud Tapbot's plucky release in light of Twitter Inc.'s preference that developers stop reproducing the Twitter client experience, especially since the result is superior to Twitter's own free iOS app. Sure, the user interface can be a bit overzealous at times (think HTC Sense vs. Windows Phone 7) but it's more fun than it is distracting, especially during these early hours. At $1.99 it's definitely worth a look -- just promise to view the video overview after the break first, ok?