AT&T's Windows Phone 7 NoDo update coming April 19th? (update: 'scheduling')

Looking forward to April 19th? If you just so happen to hold a Windows Phone 7 device on AT&T, you are now. According to a leaked memo posted up over at Winrumors, Ma Bell has just wrapped up its testing of the famed NoDo update, and if all goes well, it'll be pushed to end users on Tuesday. Owners of the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus will see it first, while HTC Surround owners will need to watch this video on loop until "mid-May." Just think -- next week, you'll be copying and pasting this very article as often as you please. Huzzah!

Update: Microsoft's Eric Hautala confirms that the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are getting updates ahead of the Surround -- both are "scheduling" now -- as the HTC handset requires "additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T" before it gets pushed out. Also, these AT&T phones will get somethign called "WISPr," which is a protocol that will automatically connect to AT&T WiFi hotspots in range. Sounds pretty cool.

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