Kenneth Cobonpue's biodegradable car: time to ditch the Gremlin rusting in your yard

Is there any sadder sight than a 1958 Plymouth Fury rotting in the woods, Christine-style, its dead headlights staring into the gloaming? We don't think so. That's why we're downright giddy over Kenneth Cobonpue's Phoenix roadster, a biodegradable concept car made from bamboo, rattan, steel and nylon. Style wise, it's propped somewhere between Tata's Nano and Tesla's Roadster, and there's no word yet on what might go under the hood -- presumably a smallish electric engine... or a stardust-powered unicorn, perhaps. That funky-looking body should last the average length of ownership; after five years (or even longer, depending on the composition), it can be replaced or naturally returned to the Ma Earth. One potential downside of biodegradable vehicles? No more "dead car" Flickr albums. Also, no warranties.