Time Warner Cable brings back Discovery, Fox channels to its iPad app

Just a couple of weeks after removing several channels from its live TV streaming iPad app Time Warner Cable has added most of them back again. The notable exception here are networks owned by Viacom, which it took to court last week. So far, other than announcing Discovery and Fox channels are back on the TWCable TV iPad app, we weren't able to get anything other than a no comment out of anyone at the companies involved. That means we don't know if the channel providers have spontaneously come around to Time Warner's way of thinking (this seems unlikely) or if it has simply decided to press the issue. We'll see who is suing who next week, until then you can enjoy watching whatever happens to be on Fox News Channel, FX or National Geographic (if you actually do enjoy that, we don't like to live by programmers broadcast schedules - DVR4LIFE) on your iPad as much as you like.