Windows Phone 7-certified microSD cards emerge at AT&T stores: $32 for 8GB

Well, well -- what have we here? For avid users of Windows Phone 7, you no doubt remember the hubbub last year surrounding the so-called difficulties with Microsoft's latest and greatest mobile OS accepting microSD cards. We'd been pounded with news of "WP7 certified microSD cards," but even now, they're more ghost than reality. That said, it looks as if the tables are turning, with an nondescript AT&T store grabbing fresh stock of "certified" 8GB Class 4 microSDHC cards. Based on the packaging, it's fairly clear that Microsoft's taking the lead here, but SanDisk has been knighted to provide the hardware. $32 will soon get you a card that doesn't destroy itself upon insertion in your Samsung Focus, and we're guessing that they'll be available to purchase sooner rather than later. So, you sizing up, or what?

[Thanks, Anonymous]