Apple patents hybrid laser projection technology for use in laptops, iPhones, TVs

Every time I write about an Apple patent, I make a point to remind my readers that Apple files patents for a lot of things that never see the light of day in products. With that in mind, Apple has filed one of its coolest patents yet. It's for a hybrid laser projection technology that could be used in any number of devices ranging from laptops to iPhones, even TVs.

Apple describes the hybrid laser projection technology as cheaper than traditional projectors with the added advantage of eliminating the grains and specs seen on current projection technologies. With (admittedly far-fetched) rumors of Apple getting into the TV business later this year, wouldn't it be interesting if we saw one without a traditional display? Knowing Apple, I wouldn't put it past the company. Apple always seems to present us with future science fiction-like technology before most people think such a technology is a viable possibility.

photo by ben.chaney | flickr cc

[via Engadget]