Analogue Interactive crafts a Neo Geo MVS from walnut, yours for $649

There's plenty of folks that will sell you a so-called "consolized" Neo Geo MVS arcade system, but you won't find many quite as impressive as this bit of kit from Analogue Interactive. Crafted from 100 percent real walnut, the console boasts a seamless design without any visible screws or nails, all the audio / video outputs you could want (for a Neo Geo, that is), and even some working dust flaps. Of course, it does come at a bit of a premium price -- but $649 is actually the exact same price that SNK's original Neo Geo AES home console sold for back in the day, and it was only made out of plastic. Check out the gallery below for a closer look, and hit up the source link below to get your order in if you like what you see -- the first units are expected to ship early next month.