Apple asks judge to dismiss iTunes monopoly lawsuit

It's been a busy day for Apple lawsuit news. First, word broke that Apple has dropped a massive suit on Samsung for allegedly infringing on the iPhone and iPad's look and feel, and now we get word that Apple has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that claims iTunes is a monopoly. The lawsuit stems from Apple's 2004 blocking of RealNetwork's Harmony software, which allowed songs purchased from the RealNetworks online store to be transferred to the iPod. Last month, a judge ordered that Steve Jobs must submit to deposition in the lawsuit.

According to Bloomberg, Jobs gave his deposition on April 12, and now Apple is asking that the entire case be thrown out of court. Apple's attorney told US District Judge James Ware in San Jose, California that any blocking of third-party software was done in the best interests of consumers: "Apple's view is that iPods work better when consumers use the iTunes jukebox rather than third party software that can cause corruption or other problems." Whether the case will be dismissed is yet to be decided. Until then, you can see original court documents here.