Fruit Ninja shirts appearing at Hot Topic

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.18.11

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Fruit Ninja shirts appearing at Hot Topic

Halfbrick Studios' iOS game Fruit Ninja continues to grow -- the Australian company announced that it has inked a deal to sell Fruit Ninja-flavored apparel in Hot Topic (the clothing store at the mall that's about as tacky as it gets). The deal was put together with licensing agent HAP Consulting, and there are four shirts available now (featuring slogans like "slicing fruit like a boss!" and "Fruit Ninja addict!"), with more on the way.

It's cool to see a big iOS property do well, but do they have to be that ... obvious? I'd like to see a more subtle kind of t-shirt, maybe just a few splotches on the front, or just a sliced watermelon emblem over the pocket. Maybe I'm just getting old -- I don't really want a T-shirt that's louder than, you know, my own voice.

If you don't share my concerns and want to show off a little Fruit Ninja love, the shirts can be picked up in stores, we're told, or on the website.

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