Wacom announces capacitive stylus to replace puny human fingers

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Wacom announces capacitive stylus to replace puny human fingers
Eager to unleash some serious creativity on your tablet computer, but stymied by the meaty nubbins you call fingers? There, there. We know your shame. You need grace and precision: you need a stylus. Yes, the stylus, that newly resurgent tech soon to ship with the HTC Flyer and a horde of other Android devices. But if you're unwilling to buy a new tablet, you might feel left out. So for you Wacom -- the company that built its fortune on pressure-sensitive tablets -- has unveiled its first capacitive pen, the Bamboo Stylus. Sporting a 6mm tip, it'll work with all capacitive screens, iPad, Android, or otherwise. The company plans to ship it in May (in the UK at least), along with several pen-based apps; retail price should be £25 (about $41). In the meantime, budding artists should consider crayons -- now shipping in over 150 colors.

[Thanks, Donna.]
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