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Gigabyte motherboard with Intel Z68 Express chipset on sale in Taiwan ahead of schedule

Intel's Z68 Express chipset and its SATA 6Gb/s connections, CPU and memory overclocking, and SSD caching capability weren't supposed to hit store shelves until the eighth of May. But, at least one Taiwanese retailer didn't get the memo -- or maybe it's just another instance of Intel's early far-east distribution on the down-low -- because pics from across the Pacific show a shiny new Z68 Express motherboard from Gigabyte can already be had for the princely sum of NT $11,900 (about $407 here in the land of greenbacks). That's quite a stack of cash for a place to put your speedy Sandy Bridge CPU, but perhaps its expeditious performance can be had for a more reasonable price once it lands on western shores... or maybe we should just start saving now.

[Thanks, Daz]