gPotato prepping Iris Online Tears of Arcana content update

Crafting is often the red-headed step-child of newer MMOs, so it's always a happy event when we can report on a title that adds it, improves it, or otherwise takes it seriously. One such game is Iris Online, and the free-to-play offering from gPotato is gearing up to introduce a new forging system that allows for the crafting of epic items as well as a slew of other features.

What kinds of features? How about an accessory upgrading system, flying mounts, three new maps, and an increased level cap (65)? All of these bells and whistles are included in the forthcoming Tears of Arcana update, which is currently scheduled to take a bow in the month of May.

In the meantime, gPotato is showering its Iris Online faithful with leveling perks, free items, and various celebratory events. First up is a double XP gig (April 18th through the 22nd) followed by an Easter shindig featuring quests that could lead to exclusive mounts and head pieces.

Check out the Iris website for more event details.