Trademark filing, domain names suggest Toshiba's tablet might be named 'Thrive'

Could Toshiba's nameless Honeycomb tablet finally have a proper name? Thanks to a helpful tipster, we now have our clearest indication yet. Toshiba just filled a trademark application for the name "Thrive" last week and, as you can see above, it clearly describes the goods and services being trademarked as a tablet computer. What's more, it seems that the company's also gone on a bit of a domain name buying spree as of late, with it snapping up a number of "Thrive" variations including,, and (none of which actually go anywhere just yet). Of course, this isn't the first possible moniker for the tablet that's cropped up. The name "Antares" surfaced way back at Mobile World Congress, which could account for the ANT model name we also spotted, although it certainly sounds more like a codename than "Thrive" does to our ears -- and, as far as we can tell, Toshiba hasn't attempted to register a trademark for Antares (or any other names recently, for that matter).

[Thanks, Babyfacemagee]