USB iHub is the perfect knockoff accessory for your Apple-centric existence


So, you waited in line for an iPad 2, snatched up an iPhone 4, and even bought one of those unofficial white conversion kits. You work all day on a MacBook Air with a Steve Jobs figurine sitting next to it on your desk -- you're exactly the person that the $9.99 iHub was created for. It's not an official Apple product but, as far as knockoffs go, this is one of the more accurate facsimiles we've ever seen. This four-port USB hub looks quite a bit like an Apple TV, has a glowing logo up top, and comes in your choice of white or black. Even the packaging is convincingly Apple thanks to the clear plastic lid that lets you peek the wares within. Glimpse the glamor shots and the video below -- we promise they're 100-percent authentic, even if the iHub is not.