Bungie Beta Tester program relaunches

Bungie is hard at work on something right now -- that's for sure. What that something is, however, remains the big question. You might be one of the first people to actually answer that -- but, having sworn on your life, be unable to tell anyone -- should you get picked by the studio to participate in its forthcoming beta-testing program.

Launched last November and relaunched this week, the "Bungie Beta Tester" signup survey is currently live on the company's official site, asking all types of generic questions about participants' gaming habits. Given the generality of the questions, we didn't glean much from signing up. We did learn, though, that Grand Theft Auto is part of the "driving/fighting/shooting" genre. Thanks, Bungie!

It's unclear whether this signup round has anything to do with the beta signup emails that the studio sent out earlier this year to select site members. We've asked Bungie for clarification.