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Nissan Leaf Nismo RC all-electric race car eyes-on

When Nissan announced the Leaf RC we, naturally, were expecting a little radio controlled version of the battery-electric sedan that's making its way to driveways now -- slowly. We certainly didn't expect a race version of the thing, but that's what Nissan created, and now here it is at the New York International Auto Show, sitting on a turntable and spinning away. In fact you could envision that spinning stretching it out. It's rather... longer than the stock Leaf. In fact, it really looks nothing at all like the stock car, but if it did it'd be all the more strange on the track than this long, low, spread-out, carbon fiber wedge. They are at least both pure electrics and both painted blue, though under the cerulean lights here just about everything is looking decidedly cool. Okay, so 107HP, a top speed of 93MPH, and a maximum duration of just 20 minutes on the track will hardly see this winning any WTCC races, but with a weight of just 2,068 pounds (some 700 less than a Tesla Roadster) we'd certainly take one for a spin -- even if it were a short one.