Nokia Siemens Networks looking for a date, despite some baggage

Well it appears the big dreams of the Nokia / Siemens joint-venture have gone adrift. WSJ reports the parent companies are mulling options to sell a majority stake in Nokia Siemens Networks. While both Nokia and Siemens insist they're not actively seeking suitors, leadership suggests the deal could provide $2 billion to the equipment provider that's been losing money since its founding. NSN has experienced a rough patch lately, with the news of AT&T's buyout of T-Mobile hitting particularly hard -- especially since the partnership had banked on helping T-Mo expand its HPSA+ network. While the equipment provider remains optimistic of its $7 billion contract with LightSquared, things could get tricky if the LTE start-up opts to purchase capacity from existing carriers. Even though NSN doesn't appear desperate, perhaps there's $2 billion up for grabs in some boardroom somewhere. Any offers? Anyone? Bueller?