T-Mobile G-Slate and Sidekick 4G now on sale, Android overload imminent

That delectable G-Slate we just reviewed is today shaking off the cobwebs from its long journey westward and is making itself available for purchase directly through T-Mobile. The price is still a daunting $530 with a two-year contract and there's a suggested retail price of $750, though we're not seeing any option to obtain it that way. Then again, why would you want to, it's a 4G tablet designed to ride T-Mobile's HSPA+ airwaves anyhow. In more budget-conscious news, the Sidekick 4G is also making its retail debut today, at $99 on contract, bringing all the goods of a Galaxy S handset, combined with a QWERTY slider keyboard and a tricked-out Android UI. Hit the links to learn more about both, though don't blame us if you end up doing damage to your bank balance in the process.

Update: Fear not, there is indeed a fine-print option to purchase the tablet off-contract if you really want to spend $750.

[Thanks, Charlie]