Self-healing polymer serves up quick fixes under UV rays (video)

As many self-healing polymers as we've seen roll across our screens, we never really tire of them -- chalk it up to our unending quest for perfection, but we like our gadgets devoid of nicks and scratches. Lucky for us, a team of scientists that shares our need for clean has produced a material that fixes its imperfections in a mere 60 seconds when exposed to UV light. The typically rigid material basically melts down when exposed to rays of a specific wavelength, allowing it to fill in any nicks or dings. When the light is lifted, the polymer goes back to its original form, and voila -- the surface is like new. Its creators say the material could be used on everything from cars to dining room tables, but we've already come up with laundry list of devices that could do with a truly scratch resistant surface. Video of the stuff in action after the break.