GigaPan Epic Pro robotic camera mount gets upgraded to firmware version 171

The GigaPan Epic Pro has been privy to the making of some pretty monumental and highly detailed panoramic images, and now the gigapixel gadget is getting an upgrade. The latest firmware update to the robotic camera mount brings even more exposures per position, a "dedicated mirror lock-up" for bulky lenses, and a time display that tells you how long it will take to work its panoramic magic. Among other things, the update also includes a set of new aspect ratios and the ability to take time lapse panoramas. If you're already packing a GigaPan Epic Pro, you can download the update at the source link below for free -- a brand new rig, on the other hand, will set you back a substantial $900. That ain't cheap, but there's a reason it's called the GigaPan Epic Pro. Full PR after the break.

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New Firmware Release Further Empowers DSLRs to Capture High-Res Panoramas

PORTLAND, Ore. – April 22, 2011 – A new version of firmware is available for the awardwinning GigaPan EPIC Pro robotic camera mount. New firmware gives photographers a wider range of functions, including new settings to enhance high dynamic ranges (HDR) imaging.

Customers who purchase the EPIC Pro will receive a free extra battery pack, complimentary with their purchase, for a limited time.

Current EPIC Pro users can download the new firmware to replace the previous version, at no additional charge. The new firmware download is available here.

New firmware features include:
Exposure Bracketing for HDR Capture – Works with your camera's AEB (automatic exposure bracketing) firmware to capture multiple exposures per position. Can exceed the camera firmware's brackets and exposure separation when in 'Bulb' mode.

Dedicated Mirror Lock-up Setting – Helps prevent blurriness in photos when using larger, heavier lenses, where lack of settling is amplified by optical magnification.

Time Display – Displays the hours and minutes it will take the EPIC Pro to capture a panorama, based on your settings. Ideal for time-sensitive shoots, such as events, or when remaining daylight is limited.

Time Lapse Panoramas – Allows you to capture a sequence of panoramas over a set period of time with a new timer.

Additional Aspect Ratios – Provides custom values (0.50:1, 0.55:1... through 2.00:1) in addition to standard values: 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9.