PSA: T-Mobile G2x and LG Optimus 2X include two-button screencap function (video)

Taking screenshots on Android has always been an ordeal akin to an emergency visit to the dentist -- you know you have to do it but you just don't want to. The convoluted process involves either installing the Android SDK on a computer, enabling USB debugging on the target device, and running ddms, or rooting the specimen and firing up one of the many existing (and potentially shady) screenshot apps. In contrast, taking screenshots on other platforms is often simply a matter of pressing the right key combination in the right order, like holding the sleep / wake button and then clicking the home button in iOS 4. Well it looks like the folks at LG have decided to grace both the T-Mobile G2x and its Optimus 2X sibling with a rather simple yet nifty bit of code that lets you take screenshots by simultaneously pressing both the power / lock and home buttons... Huzzah! Now let's just hope Google borrows this idea and makes it a standard feature in all future Android versions. Take a look at our demo video after the break.

[Thanks, redman12]