EVE invites everyone to come Mass Test

Every time we hear of a massive battle in EVE Online, we are reminded of how incredible the game is. EVE has continued to separate itself from the other MMOs by being able to handle an exorbitant number of players in a single area. This unbelievable feat is most likely attributed to the rigorous testing from the Q&A team and dedication of the EVE fans. This week, you can help out the CCP development team by participating in Mass Testing.

Mass Testing is CCP's way of gathering a multitude of players in one area to grade server performance before launching new content to the live server. The team checks trend-data, streamlines high-priority changes, and gains critical player feedback. This week's test focuses on the Carbon UI and server remapping.

If you would like to take part in this week's Mass Testing, hop on Singularity at 4 p.m. EDT on Thursday 28th. Remember, this is a stress test, so invite everyone you know! Your grandma has an EVE account, right?