Army app store advances, tries to break through bureaucracy's defenses

The Army Marketplace may be mired in bureaucratic muck, but the depot for mobile military apps isn't simply stagnating in a stack of paperwork somewhere. Developers and commanders are still pushing forward with the project and hoping for the best. There are already 17 apps for Android and 16 for iPhones, created as part of the Apps for the Army contest last year, and designers have whipped up prototypes for the homepage (above) and personalized user pages (after the break) where soldiers can post ideas for apps, request features from devs, and write reviews. The chief of the Army's Mobile Applications Branch, Lt. Col. Gregory Motes, hopes the Marketplace will make its debut at LandWarNet in August, even if there won't be any approved smartphones to access it for several months after that. At least the military claim one victory, when its app store launches it'll already have more titles than TegraZone.

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