Yamaha doubles down on PAS CITY electric bicycle battery longevity

The biggest problem with electric bicycles? All of that pesky pedaling. Thankfully, some of the world's top engineering minds are innovating all sorts of ways to lighten that load. Like Yamaha Motors, whose new PAS CITY-X, PAS CITY-C, and PAS Compact feature amped up batteries that can be charged twice as many times as their predecessors. You'll get somewhere from 10 to 15 miles on a charge, depending on the setting -- unfortunately not quite far enough for us to ride one back home to the States. The models will hit their native country on May 20th, at ¥106,800 ($1,299) for the CITY-X and ¥103,800 ($1,262) for the City-C and City-Compact models. Between the improved battery life and all of that artificial intelligence though, these things clearly won't have much use for us in the near future.