Nike+ GPS data becomes art, exercise still exhausting

Need a new use for that Nike+ SportWatch GPS you dropped 200 clams on? Interactive media collective YesYesNo has transformed the SportWatch data -- you know, that pristine numerical representation of all your huffing, sweating, and hurting -- into something like art. Working at Nike's Innovation Labs, the group first sent runners out across the company's campus wearing the watches. Then, custom software combined GPS maps of their workouts with information about speed, distance, and acceleration to create an initial 3-D rendering. Finally, each runner could tweak textures and colors to create a customized print; some even had their designs laser etched on a custom shoe box. The software powering all this creativity is long way from commercialization, but is built on openFrameworks, so feel free to start hacking your data into beautiful, life-giving artwork. Or you could, you know, go for a jog.