gPotato releases Tears of Arcana update for Iris Online

gPotato has announced the official release of its latest update for Iris Online. The Tears of Arcana patch went live today and brought with it plenty of new content for fans of the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG.

In addition to a level cap increase (65) and a new elite monster zone, today's patch features a revamped hard mode for the Wood Garden instance. The new difficulty level rewards unique items (and epics) and represents a significant step up the challenge ladder. Iris Online also features a new accessory imprinting system that allows for customization via stat additions and a nifty item forging mechanic that upgrades weapons, mounts, and armor (and turns your unused items into epics).

Finally, Terminus boasts a new armor exchange NPC which gives players the opportunity to temper their equipment for free. You can learn more about the Tears of Arcana update, as well as download Iris Online, at the game's official website.