TUAW's Daily iOS App: Gears

Crescent Moon Games is the developer behind popular iOS titles like Aralon and Ravensword, and it's returned to the platform recently with a new game called Gears. This is a sphere rolling game in the vein of the old Marble Madness, though as you can see from the screenshot above, we've come a long way since that first isometric title. In Gears, you use a finger (or the tilt controls, though those don't work quite as precisely) to roll a ball around on your iPhone or iPad, guiding it through a series of obstacles of different types. As you might expect, gameplay's simple to pick up, but complexity gets added in later on with more mechanics and tougher levels.

There are 27 different levels to play through, with undoubtedly more to come. While the app is a universal build, there are actually a few different graphical settings so that you can run it faster on an older device or make it look really great on a newer one. Game Center leaderboard integration is included, so Gears turns out to be a quality title wrapped in a very feature-rich package.

Gears is at an introductory price of just US$0.99 as of this writing, and at that price, it's highly recommended. Crescent Moon has already shown that it can create really in-depth RPG titles, but with Gears, the company proves it can bring that polish to smaller titles, too.