Apple iMac hands-on, with dual 30-inch displays! (video)

One Thunderbolt port on your new MacBook Pro? Pah. The new 27-inch iMac has twice that many -- two. When we got ours out of the box we just had to do the natural thing: fire up as many pixels as possible. Two 30-inch Dell displays and a couple of dual-link DVI display adapters later and we have what you see above: a wide swath of LCD covering 11,878,400 pixels. Sure, any average desktop can do this, but how many all-in-ones can push that many dots? The iMac's 27-inch, 2,560 x 1,440, LED-backlit IPS panel is definitely a highlight, but flanked by another two monsters the combination is, honestly, a little overwhelming. We tried working this way but only made it about 30 minutes before retreating to smaller fields of view.

Other tid-bits we've learned about the updated iMac: those who'd rather swipe than drag can now choose to order theirs with a Magic Trackpad instead of a Magic Mouse, though we're sure Apple would surely be happy to sell you both. Additionally, the 21.5-inch model can now be configured with a 256GB SSD, just like its big bro. The bigger news, of course, is what's on the inside, with updated Radeon HD graphics featuring GDDR5 memory and Sandy Bridge processors all-round. We'll be back with a full review later to get a feel for just how powerful this thing is, but until then dig all those pixels in the video below.

[Big thanks to Brian and Pedro in IT for the help]