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BlackBerry to integrate Bing services at the OS level (update: video)

BlackBerry to integrate Bing services at the OS level (update: video)
Myriam Joire
Myriam Joire|@tnkgrl|May 3, 2011 9:51 AM
Steve Ballmer made an appearance today at BlackBerry World 2011 and after briefly pimping Windows Phone live on stage, announced a partnership between Microsoft and RIM to integrate Bing into BlackBerry products. In addition to making Bing the default search and map provider for all BlackBerry devices going forward, the services will be added at the OS level instead of being bundled as a series of apps. This will provide features ranging from voice and location-aware search to panorama stitching. It also suggests that we'll likely see another iteration of the BlackBerry OS beyond version 7 -- based on QNX, perhaps? -- sometime before the holidays.

Update: We dropped in a video after the break demonstrating a future (aka, this coming holiday season) where Bing is integrated into the BlackBerry OS. Hope you can handle the hipness.

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