Hearst Corp. signs on to sell its magazines through iTunes, bringing more O to the iPad

Hearst Corp signs on to sell magazine subscriptions through iTunes, bringing more O to the iPad

Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and O are not just for your local bookstore's magazine rack any more -- assuming you still have a local bookstore and that it is still large enough to own a rack. Hearst Corporation, the force behind those printed 'zines, has become the first major publisher to terms with Apple, so those very publications will soon be on iTunes. Starting with their July editions you can subscribe for a seemingly quite reasonable $1.99 monthly, though the annual option of $19.99 seems like less of a bargain. (You can get a year of Popular Mechanics on pulp for $12.) This is just a small sampling from Heart's back catalog, but the company is promising more are coming soon, leaving us wondering just how we're supposed to fill out our Cosmo quizzes without a pen.