Microsoft confirms WP7 handsets updated using 'unofficial mechanisms' cannot get latest update

In case you were left unsure what a "non-serviceable state" meant when Microsoft warned users to avoid the ChevronWP7 updater, we now have further details. The company is in the process of rolling out a Windows Phone update charmingly called 7392, a post-NoDo improvement that does nothing other than fix some bogus security certificates on handsets. With no user-facing changes it's not really something users would probably be pining for -- except that many are now being told they can't get it, and of course we always want those things we can't have.

Microsoft has confirmed that phones updated using "any unofficial mechanisms" to NoDo (which was 7390) will not be able to get 7392 via its very official mechanism: Zune. No big deal now, but it will be in six months when 7394 comes along and delivers the long-awaited addition of Microsoft Bob to the platform. No, Redmond's brightest aren't going to help you out of this mess you've created for yourself, but happily someone else is: the "clever bunch" who released the unofficial update in the first place. That bunch is said to be working on another unofficial tool that will help users get back onto the "officially supported path," a route that is slow and meandering but is, at least, quite unlikely to hurt you along the way.