Keepin' it real fake: the 1.2GHz Dell Streak that can make phone calls and run Gingerbread

You know, knockoffs are usually meant to be downgrades from the real deal. In the case of Dell's Streak 7 tablet, its KIRF version actually has a few advantages over the real deal -- it can make phone calls, has a bigger (3000mAh) battery, comes preloaded with Android 2.3, runs at 1.2GHz, and happens to be cheaper at just under $180 unsubsidized. Of course, its 7-inch WVGA screen relies on resistive technology for touch input, it only has one core, and there's no evidence of this Gingerbread installation actually running, but are you really gonna let such trifling details stand in your way? Hit the source link to get an eyefull of this Welldone tabletphone mashup -- it might not be real, but it's definitely red!