RIFT team updates RP server naming policy

The fine folks at Trion Worlds have finally answered a pressing question that's been on the tongues of RIFT roleplayers since launch: What are the roleplaying server naming rules, and how are they being enforced? Scott Hartsman stepped into the forums recently to offer clarification on the topic, something for which RIFT roleplayers are certainly grateful.

Hartsman says that the team's goal with naming rules is to "apply sanity and reason, as best as we can, to this inherently subjective topic that's as much about opinions as it is about facts." In light of this, the rules that will be imposed are fairly standard for the genre -- no partial or complete sentences (sorry, Ipwnyouhard!), no pop-culture references, no leetspeak, and no titles that are "obviously out of place in Telara" -- but even so, it's great to see them explicitly spelled out so players know what to expect. Hopefully this will lead to a more enjoyable roleplaying experience for anyone on RIFT's RP servers. For the full post, which also includes some tidbits on customer service feedback, skip on over to the official forum post.