Brammo delays flagship Empulse electric motorbike to 2012, teases new transmission tech

Bad news for Brammo's electric bikers: according to Asphalt and Rubber, word has it that the company's flagship Empulse motorbike will now be delayed to 2012, citing CEO Craig Bramscher's decision to integrate a certain new technology before launch. What could this be? Well, the site speculates that this has something to do with the six-speed Integrated Electric Transmission (IET) that Brammo recently licensed from Italian firm S.M.R.E., and this technology's already featured on the company's Engage and Encite dirt bikes announced last week. That said, there's also a rumor that Brammo didn't reach its pre-order goal of 1,000 units, which would certainly make sense for the company to delay the launch to pimp up its 100mph ride. We asked the Stig for a comment, and he wasn't impressed.