'Bungie Aerospace' incorporates, according to filings

The halo of fog surrounding Bungie's mysterious "Bungie Aerospace" logo/trademark grows murkier with the recent discovery of filings in both Washington and Delaware for "Bungie Aerospace Corporation." unearthed the Washington state filing, dated April 27 of this year, which notes the company's initial incorporation in business-friendly Delaware state just one week earlier on April 20.

Unlike the Delaware filing, the Washington one lists Bungie president Harold Ryan and head of strategy and corporate development Ondraus Jenkins as "governing persons" of the new for profit business. Rather than mirroring their current roles at Bungie, though, it appears that Ryan will be acting as "director" of Bungie Aerospace Corporation while Jenkins will be acting "president." Also listed is secretary director Allan Parsons, which is either a joke reference to The Alan Parsons Project, or an alternative name for executive producer Pete Parsons, or an outside hire with no Google-logged experience in the game industry (believe us, we tried).

Bungie Studios is currently working with Activision to develop a multiplatform title. Copyright filings and web domain registrations for several names from the summer of 2010 were also discovered earlier this year, though the studio has provided no clues as to what any of the filings mean. Bungie is also planning some form of private beta for a game (or games) that has yet to be announced.