Planex capacitive stylus mocks Steve Jobs, all the way to the bank

In the past, our coverage of Planex has largely been relegated to storage devices and wireless access points, but now the company has entered one of the most exciting businesses of all: breaking poor Steve Jobs's heart. That's right, the company has meddled with the natural order of the universe by releasing new smartphone styli. They come in two colors -- black and white, naturally -- and two lengths: 4.2- or 1.6-inches, with soft rubber tips measuring 8mm and 9mm, respectively. The pens will run you ¥1,200 ($15) or ¥1,000 ($12), which is more or less on par with the current suggested price of the Pogo sketch stylus -- well, that plus airfare to Japan to pick one of these things up. But hey, it still beats a hunk of deli meat, right?