WiMAX sleeve brings 4G speeds to the iPhone 4 in South Korea

This is exactly how we humans got out of the trees five million years ago. We spot a problem, like the iPhone 4's lack of 4G data, and we solve it. In fact, Korean Telecom's new Egg sleeve not only brings WiMAX to the iPhone 4 but also incorporates an extra battery to allow five hours of 4G surfing. It could make bipedalism slightly uncomfortable however, by bulking your pocket out with 2.4 ounces (68g) in added weight plus a third of an inch (8mm) in extra thickness. Primates outside of South Korea can't buy the ₩129,800 ($120) Egg right now, but problem-solving minds can always use 4G mobile hotspots instead -- like the Sprint Overdrive or Verizon's new LTE-based MiFi. That's why we're the jungle VIP.