Advent's Vega tablet gets a little sweeter with the addition of Android 3.0 (video)

There's plenty of Android tablets out there, but you could certainly do a lot worse than the Advent Vega with its Tegra 2 innards and £199 ($326) asking price. You may take issue with its outdated OS, but thankfully a couple of hackers have replaced the Vega's antiquated Android 2.2 with a heaping helping of Honeycomb. It's currently an alpha release, so while widgets and apps are working well, camera capabilities, screen rotation, web-surfing on WiFi, and most everything else is currently off limits. There's still plenty of work to be done, but seeing Advent's slate running buttery smooth Android 3.0 with aplomb (even if unofficially) makes us think it's a better bargain than ever before. Check out how the Vega looks sporting its slick new threads in the video after the break.