Another Pre 3 at the FCC, coming to Verizon for you and me?

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Another Pre 3 at the FCC, coming to Verizon for you and me?
Last month, a device (model number HSTNH-F30CN) that we surmised to be a Pre 3 hit the FCC rocking AT&T band GSM radios. Now, its brother HSTNH-F30CV is seeking federal approval to ride CDMA (850 / 1900 MHz), UMTS (900 / 2100 MHz), and GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 MHz) wireless waves. With that "V" tagged on the end of the model moniker and its Verizon-friendly innards, it sure looks like the Pre 3 will be the next handset to wear a checkmark on its front. Additionally, those world wide bands tell us that a webOS device will soon be joining the Androids and Blackberrys in Big Red's rather limited lineup of global handsets. Skeptical about our smartphone Spidey Sense? Hit the source link and see for yourself, Sherlock.

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